Forget Kyoto and Tokyo – The 5 Best Alternative Cities for First Time Visitors to Japan

While Kyoto chokes on tourists, countless other cities and regions of Japan that are equally charming, beautiful or historic remain virtually ignored. Here are 5 amazing cities in Japan other than Kyoto and Tokyo that are easily accessible even to first-time visitors to Japan.

Gohime – The Shogun’s Daughter Who Became A Christian

Discover the story of how Gohime, daughter of the Japanese warlord who first made Christianity illegal in Japan, became a Christian herself.

How To Pack for a Spring Trip to Japan

So you're planning for the trip of a lifetime to see Japan in the Spring? So are millions of others, my friend, so let me start with the tip I always give to first-time visitors to Japan. Check off the major items on your Tokyo and Kyoto bucket lists, then hurry out...

Get Outta Town! 5 Japan Destinations for Cherry Blossoms Better than Kyoto and Tokyo

The fifth update to the annual Japan Meteorological Corporation's Cherry Blossom Forecast was released this week, with the 2024 season slated to start a day earlier than the 2023 season here in Tokyo. The full season begins from roughly mid-March in most parts of...

Could Yamaguchi City Become the New Kyoto?

In 2023, writer Craig Mod created quite a stir in the sleepy town of Morioka in Iwate Prefecture by naming it as his pick for places to visit in 2023 for a New York Times article. A media frenzy ensued (especially here in Japan, where Craig's pick completely...

Fables of the Japanese Combini

Everybody thinks they know how awesome Japanese convenience stores are, but did you also know these things?

Why You May Never Go To Kochi (Even Though You Should)

Ask many city-dwelling Japanese if they have ever visited Kochi Prefecture in the southern part of Japan's Shikoku Island, and the reaction might include a bit of teeth-sucking. 行くにのちょっと不便だねー Iku ni no chotto fuben da ne? "It's a little inconvenient to get there,...

The Green Mile – A Long Road of Practicing Tea Ceremony

What the world’s worst tea ceremony student has learned through practicing tea in Japan, and it isn’t about tea at all.

A Dance of Grace and Fools

The dancers are fools, everyone is a fool, so why not dance? A glimpse at Japan’s Awa Odori festival.

Stories About Japan With a Human Touch

Many websites about Japan simply regurgitate facts and information found on other websites about Japan. Some are even being written primarily by AI. But you didn’t come here for that.

I tell stories about Japan, mainly based on my own experiences as a travel writer and photographer living in Japan for nearly a decade. I’ll take you off the beaten path to places unknown, away from the crowds and social media fanatics, to authentic Japanese locations and experiences. I’ll also tell you about my city, Tokyo, where new hidden delights appear daily, while others have been sitting in plain sight for over a century.

I’m not a tour guide, but I hope you’ll be inspired to be your own guide and explore Japan in a deeper, more personal way through my stories and images.

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Where’s The Beef? Discover the Kobe You Never Knew

Where’s The Beef? Discover the Kobe You Never Knew

If Kobe Beef is all you know about Kobe, there are much better reasons to see this miraculous city for yourself. It boasts modern architecture, historical quarters, jazz influence, and a rich sake production history. Ever resilient, Kobe has rebuilt itself after the devastating 1995 earthquake, offering much more beyond its culinary fame.

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